You really want a new Nvidia Shield Tablet

by mcdix

Nvidia launched its only Shield tablet in 2014, with a game-centric experience and powerful internals for the time. However, the company has been sticking to its Shield TV series of Android devices ever since. We wrote an op-ed last week calling for a rebooted Shield tablet, but do you share this sentiment? We put a poll in the article ,and here are the results.

Want to see a new Shield tablet?


This was a popular poll, drawing more than 4,300 votes after we posted it on June 18. The most popular choice? Well, 80.59% of respondents said they want to see a new Nvidia Shield tablet, making it the winner by a landslide. We understand why you’d vote for this option, given that Nvidia’s current Android devices have healthy power levels, a ridiculously long commitment to software updates, and plenty of multimedia features. And all these factors sound like a good idea for a tablet. The Geforce Now platform (along with other game streaming services) and Android’s tablet-centric overhaul make for an intriguing prospect.

Meanwhile, 15.71% of surveyed readers are waiting for features and pricing. This is important, of course, since something like a $1,200 Android tablet with no redeeming qualities would be a tough sell for Nvidia. Finally, only 3.7% of respondents said they didn’t want to see a new Nvidia Shield tablet. At least one reader suggested that an x86-powered tablet would be bettea, in line with traditional Windows tablets. Another reader estimated that Android tablets still have a long way to go.



Yassin Maamoun: I got my Shield tablet back in November 2014. It was incredibl; thee gaming experience was great considering the limitations of the time. I can see it being very successful when they increase the screen size to 9-10″, bundle Geforce NOW for a few months, and add refreshed versions of the stylus and wireless controller that were available with the former (both of which were nice . Would be very interested in a rebooted version. It would be very easy to sell to college student; theyy can use it to take notes in class and play games in their spare time. GammaRayTech: Wasn’t the first shield device tith a screen built into the controller?

I believe there was a cooling fan for the theTegraathree3 chip in i.? That was when Android devices and tablets were fun! At this point, I’d probably prefer Nvidia to release a Windows tablet with an x86 APU. The Google Store has average games right now. At least in the Tegra days, the shield devices had their own set of custom games to run on their specialized hardware. 10basetom: I don’t think so. It’s not a good time for a tablet not made by Apple. Tablet experience on Android leaves a lot to be desired. Daniel: Steam deck. AMD punched Nvidia right in the face with this handheld. There’s room in the themobilee market, but “just” a gaming tablet won’t stand a chance against the theSteamm deck.

Nvidia will have to develop something innovative, but I don’t see that happening if it doesn’t try to keep the shield tablet relevant. Brett: I feel like the world has always cared aboutpillss. And Google only cares because a new device is sold. I feel like if nothing came of it, it wouldn’t do much with tablets at all. The Bunny: Wouldn’t it make more sense as a handheld? Like the Nintendo Switch, which has phe same SoC as a Shield, with everything else you need for gaming? Or a steam deck? Or any of the other varying Android handhelds or devices to hold your phon with controllers? The appeal here would be a long prop to the instrument. The problem is that at the likely price point… there are many options many new An; droid offering may not catch on to them. Comments

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