Supreme Court to hear pleas against “extra-legal” demolitions after protests in Kanpur and Prayagraj

by mcdix

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court will hear pleas against the “extraordinary” demolition of facilities linked to the suspects involved in violent protests in Kanpur and Prayagraj in Uttar Pradesh over offensive comments by two BJP officials now fired about the Prophet Mohammed. . A vacation bench of Judges Surya Kant and JB Pardiwala is scheduled to hear the petitions filed by the Muslim body Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind. The Jamiat had previously filed another plea on the issue of the demolition of buildings and other allegedly illegal structures in Jahangirpuri in the national capital.

The Jamiat had previously filed another plea on the issue of the demolition of buildings and other allegedly illegal structures in Jahangirpuri in the national capital. The government of Uttar Pradesh has told the Supreme Court in an affidavit that the law carried out the demolitions and that the drill was in no way intended to punish the accused for their involvement in violent protests following the comments by the BJP leaders against the Prophet.

“The said demolitions referred to in the interim requests have been carried out by the Local Development Authority, which are legally independent bodies, independent of the state administration, under the law as part of their routine efforts against unauthorized/illegal constructions and infringements, by the UP Urban Planning and Development Act, 1972,” the state government has said. It has been said that none of the parties involved, if any, have approached the highest court against the lawful demolition action.

Supreme Court

“It is humbly stated that insofar as the state government takes action against the individuals accused of rioting, it is taking stern steps against them by an entirely different set of statutes, namely: CrPC, UP gangster, and anti-social activities. (Prevention) Act, 1986 and Rules, 2021, Prevention of Public Property Damages Act and Uttar Pradesh Recovery of Damages to Public and Private Property Act, 2020 and Rules, 2021” reads.

It noted that two builders in Kanpur also admitted that the demolished structures were illegal. In a recent petition filed by a political party over the alleged demolition exercise at Shaheen Bagh in New Delhi, the state government also pointed out that the highest court noted that only the involved party, not the political parties, can move the court, and plea has allowed. tTowithdraw. The state government has made a “strong exception” to the petitioners’ attempt to name the state’s top constitutional officials and to “false” the lawful actions of the local development authority as “extra-statutory punitive measures” against the accused, targeting a particular religious community.

It dismissed the allegations as false. The petitioners, on the other hand, have referred to communal tensions in the two cities over the abusive remarks made by the two BJP leaders that sparked protests and clashes. One of the pleadings read: “After the violence in Kanpur, several media officials stated that the properties of the suspects/accused would be seized and destroyed. Even the prime minister of the state has said in the media that the homes of suspects would be bulldozered.” The plea alleged that the adoption of such “extrajudicial measures” was a clear violation of the principles of natural justice, especially when the highest court hears the present case. The BJP’s national spokesman, Nupur Sharma, was suspended, and the party head of the unit in Delhi, Naveen Kumar Jindal, was expelled amid commotion over their remarks against the prophet that sparked protests across the country.

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