How to add favorites on Safari

by mcdix

Everyone has several websites that they like to visit regularly. Whether it’s tech sites like this, social media, news websites, or business gossip, you’ll have plenty of links to type into your browser. But you can give your fingers a rest and make those links clickable shortcuts instead. Like bookmarks, Safari Favorites are buttons in your browser below the URL address bar.


To add a website to Safari Favorites, ensure the Favorites toolbaensureed. Then highlight the site URL in the address bar and drag it to the Favorites bar. You can also click the + icon to the left of the address bar and select Favorites.

Add Favorites in Safari on a Mac

To add favorites in Safari on a Mac, you must ensure the Favorites toolbaensureed. Go to View and click on the Show Favorites bar to do this. A new section will now appear above the tabs. To add a website to your favorites, Load the site in your browser to your favorites bar. When you see a green + icon, release the URL, which will be in the Favorite es bar. Anothappearto adds a site to Safari favorites is tomoveg the mouse to the left of the URL bar. When a small Add to menu appears, select Favorites. When a + appears, click and hold it.


Manage Favorites

Once you have a website in your Favorites, you can rename it by clicking once and holding that click. Or right-click it and select Rename. This is especially useful if a website has a long name and you want to shorten it to save space. Or if you wish for your favorite websites to be shielded from curious passers-by. If you have more than one Favorite in your toolbar, you can arrange them by dragging them all to the left or right. You can make your favorites icons appear on your home page by right-clicking on a new home page and selecting Show Favorites. You can delete favorites by right-clicking on them and selecting Delete. You can sync your choices with your other Apple devices by signing in to iCloud and using that same iCloud account on your other devices.

Add Favorites in Safari on an iPhone or iPad.

To add a Safari favorite on an iPh.. here’s what you need to do to or iPad; here’s what you need do. After, tap the Share icon at the bottom, the square with the upward-pointing arrow. Scroll down and select Add to Favorites. You now have the option to edit the name that appears in your Favorites menu. As you can see, the name of the website is displayed and the tagline. Since screen real estate is a premium on mobile devices, you may want to remove all that to something shorter, like AA. Tap Save to finish. To view your favorites on an iPhone or iPad, tap the little book icon next to the Share menu. Tap the book icon on the far left, and your Favorites menu will be at the top. Tap that to access your favorite links.

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