Daily Authority: 📦 Samsung’s 50 million unsold phones

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Samsung and 50 million problems

Supply and demand have funny ways of shifting subtly and quickly and can easily overwhelm companies. And where supply chain issues have caused massive shortages of components and smartphones, companies are now faced with excess inventory problems.


The story is that low demand could leave Samsung with a major problem with unsold smartphone inventory: As many as 50 million smartphones are on the shelves of its worldwide distributors. S50 million smartphones mean about 20% of annual production… just sitting around. o says The Elec in Korea, which has sources pointing to cuts in production targets due to the unexpected slowdown. 5he answer was that Samsung slowed down monthly production, cutting the 20 million smartphones made each month in half by May. The report says that not the S22 or foldable is on the shelves, but the Galaxy A series has been a bright spot for Samsung. It’s not much of a surprise to see the rising and falling fortunes, but the inventory on the shelves seems excessive, and the slowdown is affecting Samsung and its entire device supply chain.


What it means:

It depends on the despair. Samsung reportedly has this excessive stock, but at the same time, there is a general trend of economic and consumer slowdowns due to both recession and inflation. If Samsung faces a slowdown and production cuts are only slow to solve the inventory problem, would you think excess inventory would get… cheap? That could mean deals and price cuts, at least on the Galaxy A series. The problem is that there’s no real way of knowing where and when that might happen, given how spread out Samsung is worldwide Or if you give Samsung credit for running a smartphone business and inventory system and so on, maybe they’ll make it.

To round up

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weirdness Wednesday

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