AIADMK general council meeting Live | OPS walks out; council to meet again on July 11

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Key developments from the crucial AIADMK general council meeting will decide who is more powerful in the party, Edappadi Palaniswami or O. Panneerselvam, or both. Key developments from the crucial AIADMK general council meeting will decide who is more powerful in the party, Edappadi Palaniswami or O. Panneerselvam, or both. The pivotal meeting of the General Council and the Executive Committee of All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (AIADMK) kicks off in Vanagaram, Chennai. The party’s interim president, A. Tamilmagan Hussain will lead the meeting. The meeting also takes on significance amid a sense of unease between the AIADMK and the BJP, whose leaders have made observations that indirectly affect each other’s political interests.

General Council of AIADMK to meet again on July 11

AIADMK coordinator O. Panneerselvam and aides walk out of the party’s Generalwalkedwalkedwalkedwalkedncil meeting in Chennai after it adhered to one leader’s demand and favored his rival and joint party coordinator Edappadi K. Palaniswami (EPS). While EPS was honored with an ornate crown, sword and scepter by supporters amid,, chants favoring him, OPS along with its supporters, incl, ,and Secretary R. Vaithilingam walked out of the venue and le, a, t the premises. The general council meeting, which witnessed chaotic scenes, ended within 40 minutes of starting.

AIADMK General Council Reconvenes on July 11 – PTI

AIADMK Coordinator O. Panneerselvam leaves the General Council meeting to be held in Vanagaram in June Credit: Vidhan M After briefly sharing the stage with the party’s joint coordinator, Edappadi K. Palaniswami, AIADMK coordinator O. Panneerselvam walked out while the party’s general council meeting was underway.

EPS bats for Hussain as presidency chairman

Edappadi K. Palaniswami proposes resolution to the General Council and an a il to ratify the appointment of Tamilmagan Hussain as President of AIADMK. It is likely to be adopted. Mr Hussain recalled that as a dri. …ver of a government bus, he had stopped halfway through, h and was on hishalfwaymeet with MGR after his expulsion from the DMK. Mr Hussain was one of 11signatorsr ….ies in favor of MGR launching a new party.

AIADMK general council meeting Live

KP Munusamy declares rejection of 23 resolutions.

A section of the members of the General Council attends the meeting | Photo credits: B. Aravind Kumar AIADMK Deputy Coordinator KP Munusamy states that all 23 resolutions have been rejected by the members of the General Council of AIADMK. “The members-only want unitary leadership,” he declares. He says all resolutions will not be passed until the party reintroduces them, along with an explanation for a unitary leader solution to find Kumar.

OPS booed

O. Panneerselvam is booed by several members of the General Council of AIADMK. He remains unaffected. CV Shanmugam yells and says AIADMK General Council rejects all 23 resolutions tabled at the meeting. B Valarmathi, in her welcoming speech, recalls MGR’s famous song “Ennadhan nadakum nadakutume…” (Whatevenada umns, will happen) and goes on to say that there is onsayse will rise.

EPS arrives at the location

AIADMK Joint Coordinator Edappadi K Palaniswami reached the site of the party’s general council meeting held in Vanagaram on June 23. † Photo credit: Velankanni Raj B Edappadi K. Palaniswami arrives at the venue to cheers and whistles. Sloganswithwithwithwithf “Vendum, Vendum, Ottrai Thalamai Vendum” (We want leadership) rent the air at the location of the AIADMK general council meeting when Mr. Palaniswami arrives. He greets the members and takes a seat.

OPS arrives at the location

O. Pannerselvam, Coordinator, AIADMK, will arrive at the General Council of Vanagaram AIADMK on Thursday. † Photo credit: Velankanni Raj B

O Panneerselvam arrives at the venue of AIADMK General Council the after getting HC ruling against the venue amendment of party statutes. Two days ago, he had written to the Avadi Police Commissioner not to allow the same meeting to be held.

Some of the member’s logins at him: “Marathe Marathe (don’t come)” Former minister RB Udhayakuma. …r is trying to calm the members of the General Council of AIADMK and urges them to remain calm. However, slogans are being raised in support of unitary leadershisupportinghat Mr. Panneerselvam does not to.


Prior to the AIADMK General CouBeforeng, the AIADMK party cadres will meet in Vanagaram on June 23. † Photo credit: Vidhan M The camp led by Party Coordinator Edappadi K. Palaniswami appears to be way ahead of the group led by Party Coordinator O. Panneerselvam in terms of support from General Council members and party officials. While the Palaniswami faction wants the current dual leadership system to be duship system dual leadership system  the other is against any change. Members of the former claim their camp has the support of about 2,500 members of the council, whose strength is about 2,700. On Wednesday, former MP V. Maitreyan, who was with the Panneerselvam camp until recently, met Mr Palaniswami and expressed his ….support for appointing the party’s co-coordinator.

Drum beats fill the air.

Party Cadres Dressed As AIADMK’s Former Leaders MG Ramachandran and J. Jayalalithaa Are At General Council Meeting Venue | Photo credit: Vidhan M

Traditional music with percussion instruments such as thavil and chenda melam was played to welcome the party leaders. Enthusiastic cadres carried balloons in the colors of the party flag and were later released into the air.

AIADMK cadres displace Vanagaram

View | AIADMK executives at Vanagaram ahead of the party’s General Council and Executive Committee meeting. Video: Velankamni Raj B

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Madras HC Division Bench Prevents AIADMK General Board From Amending Its Bylaws

A Division bench of the Madras High Court early Thursday prevented All India’s general council Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam from passing a resolution aime,d at amending the statutes so that the amendments could pave the way for unitary leadership instead of the dual leadership that is now in vogue. Judges M. Duraiswamy and Sunder Mohan approved the preliminary injunction after hearing an urgent appeal at the senior judge’s residence between 2:40am and 4:30am. Be adopted b2:40 ammmmmmener4:30 amdmin CBE, which meets on Thursday. – Mohamed Imranullah S.

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